First glances of digital images of George III’s papers

The Royal Archives have commenced their large scale digitisation of the Georgian papers. The initial phase of digitisation will cover the full chronological span, and comprise a range of types of documents, from the political to the financial and the domestic, and they include the important collection of essays by George III and some items from the Royal Library.

The gallery below displays some of the earlier digitisation work undertaken as part of the 2014 exhibition, ‘Treasures of the Royal Archives’, held in Windsor Castle in May 2014-January 2015. The Royal Archives have generously granted us permission to showcase some of the papers in the collection. They include images of essays and memorandum from George III (1738-1820), King of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; dairy extracts from his consort, Charlotte (1744-1818), Queen of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and business papers from the Warden of Windsor Castle, dating from 1689.  

As the project progresses the site will include regular updates on the digitisation and further galleries and samples of the papers from the Royal household. 

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